Make a claim

How to make a claim

It is very important that Pacific International are promptly notified in the event of any potential claim. Our fully trained and qualified staff are more than happy to assist you in attempting to resolve any minor problems with customers, however should you receive any customer complaints or formal demands please contact our claims department as soon as possible.

Before calling our office it would be appreciated if you have the following information ready:

  • Your policy number
  • Details and dates of inspections and treatments
  • Name and address of your customer
  • Details of their allegations

It is very important that you do not admit liability or make any offer of payment to your customer.

Lodging a Claim

If you wish to lodge a claim with us then you will need to complete our claim form and return it to us with any document that is relevant to this matter, such as invoices, reports and all letters from the customer and or their legal representatives. This will assist us to establish and investigate both liability and indemnity issues. 

Should the customers claim progress and Pacific International are required to expend costs in an attempt to defend the matter, your policy excess as noted in your schedule of insurance will be requested during the handling of this claim.


Download our claim form

Download our claim form below and we will be in touch shortly.